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Link it

What is this game for?

link itThe idea of this game is for children to be able to think of links between certain concepts. This helps with both concept and vocabulary development

It can be played by one child and one adult, or two children supervised by an adult

What to do

You will need this game card, and counters in two different colours

Each player has a supply of counters in their colour.

  • Put the game card in front of the players and ask them to select two pictures at a time and explain how they are linked

e.g. “the chair and the table go together because they both have legs”

“the gloves and the trousers go together because you can wear them”

  • As they do this they can put a counter on each picture
  • The next player then has a turn
  • When the children run out of ideas, count up the counters on the board. The person with the most is the winner!


  1. Pictures can be used more than once
  2. There are endless associations between the pictures, so let the children’s imaginations run wild! e.g. “socks and cheese both smell “
  3. So long as they can explain the association then it counts.

Other ideas

Play the game as above but the children can put down more than two counters at a time e.g. “Gloves, hat and socks are all things you can wear” or “a kettle, a fire, and the oven are all hot”