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Spiders And Snails

Missing off the “s” in blends is a perfectly normal stage in speech development. We’ve all heard children say “PIDER” for “spider”.

Most children simply grow out of it, but some children get stuck, and are still doing it at 4 or even 5 years old. These 10 games are designed to help children to listen for s blends, pronounce them correctly, and have fun as they learn!

Age 4+

Includes an assessment tool to work out where to start, and all you need for the following activities: Listen out for Snakes - minimal pairs and listening activity How to help a child to make s blends Practising simple s blends S blend dominoes Snakes and Steps - a variation on Snakes and Ladders but with lots of chances to practise s blends Stick and Stamp on It & Scarecrows and Skeletons - simple lotto games to practice s blends Complex s blends & Screaming for Strawberries - introducing words with 3 sounds at the beginning "Innovative and Inspiring. A breath of fresh air" Jessica Printop, SLTA, Surrey

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“An invaluable resource for busy teachers and therapists.  Highly beneficial and remarkably easy to use”

Julia Lloyd, SLT, Luton

“Simple, practical and the children love them! Just what we needed.”

Debbie Coates, Goodway Nursery, Birmingham