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Mind Reading

This totally new collection of games is to help children with Autistic Spectrum Condition understand the thoughts of others. It addresses the complex skills of: understanding facial expressions, working out what other people might be thinking, verbal reasoning and inference.
Witty, humorous, and at times hilarious!

6 activities for children age 7-11+

Activities include: How do you feel? - matching thoughts and facial expressions Read my Mind - recognising facial expressions Face to Face - discriminating expressions and feelings What are they saying? - gaining inference from contexts and situations Weather forecast - gaining inference from phrases and conversations What's that you said? - recognising non verbal communication "Simple and easy to use with children on the Autistic Spectrum" Julie Keen, Autism West Midlands

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“An invaluable resource for busy teachers and therapists.  Highly beneficial and remarkably easy to use”

Julia Lloyd, SLT, Luton

“Simple, practical and the children love them! Just what we needed.”

Debbie Coates, Goodway Nursery, Birmingham