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Making Sense

Most children have a natural feel for the subtle “rules” of conversation, but some children really struggle to understand the importance of: turn taking, keeping on topic and the mysteries of idioms and figurative speech.
An excellent resource for improving social interaction skills across the board.

10 activities for children ranging from age 5 -11

Activities include: Do I mean "yes" or "no" - understanding confusing statements Tell me about it - maintaining conversations Talking Points - staying on topic My Turn to Speak 1 and 2 - taking turns in conversations Keep it Going - tellling a story, narrative skills It's a Piece of Cake & That Takes the Biscuit - understanding figures of speech Think of an Idiom - remembering figures of speech Explain to the Alien - explaining a whole concept, knowing how much to say "The most helpful resource I have seen for a very long time" Hilda Blakenmore, Special Needs Advisor, Leicestershire

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“An invaluable resource for busy teachers and therapists.  Highly beneficial and remarkably easy to use”

Julia Lloyd, SLT, Luton

“Simple, practical and the children love them! Just what we needed.”

Debbie Coates, Goodway Nursery, Birmingham