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Question Time

In order to become independent learners, children need to be able to ask questions of their teachers, their peers, and of themselves. These 8 enjoyable activities develop skills in asking WH questions in a lighthearted way.

Age 4 -11

Includes: Who, what where, when? What's on my back (Games 1, 2 and 3 of increasing complexity) Take me Home Lost Property Guess what I am doing! Ask me a Question "Speak Clearly Teaching Tools are such fun to use. Each collection has so many good ideas" Lynda Boston, SENCo, Halesowen

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“An invaluable resource for busy teachers and therapists.  Highly beneficial and remarkably easy to use”

Julia Lloyd, SLT, Luton

“Simple, practical and the children love them! Just what we needed.”

Debbie Coates, Goodway Nursery, Birmingham