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Word Families

These entertaining categorisation games help children to recognise similarities, differences, and links between concepts.

Helps with vocabulary and word retrieval.

Age 4 -11

Also useful for verbal reasoning. Can they explain their answers? Includes: We belong together 1 & 2 Why are these alike? - explaining concepts Moving House - Categorising everyday objects Odd one Out Similar or Different? Misfits 1 & 2 Happy Families High Five 1 & 2 - generating items from a category Link it, More Links and Find the Link - for verbal reasoning and vocabulary development "Wish I'd had this years ago. The children love them, and it has saved me so much time" Sally Millar, Y1 teacher, Basingstoke

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“An invaluable resource for busy teachers and therapists.  Highly beneficial and remarkably easy to use”

Julia Lloyd, SLT, Luton

“Simple, practical and the children love them! Just what we needed.”

Debbie Coates, Goodway Nursery, Birmingham